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My training class will qualify you for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, and Arizona Carry Permits.  The Minnesota permit will allow you to carry in 36 states.  Adding the additional states add to that number, primarily in the southern US.

I no longer offer online training classes.  If you are looking for an online class, I recommend Andrew at

I also offer a private class training arrangement.  I can come to your house, or we can meet at a meeting room, which would be added to the cost of the class.  My fees are $100 for the class for the first person, $75 for each additional person.  This doesn’t include range fees, which are approximately $15.  This is for classes in the metro area.  I’m willing to travel outside the area, but have a minimum of 4 people per class for those groups.

I accept cash, checks and credit cards for the fees.  Please contact me via the contact page with any questions you may have.

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